Clarify your decisions

Decisions are a thing to produce, just like everything else you make.  But you don't make them for your customers, you make them in order to do your work more effectively, or even to choose your work and steer your organization.  Thus, the ultimate test of a decision is whether it will get in the way of your work.  I implement with my clients a clear and internally consistent method for coordinated enterprise-wide decisionmaking.

Decisions lose their power when the person implementing is not involved in making or guiding the decision. The greater the number of people between decision and implementation, the less real work gets done – all these people are busy transmitting decisions rather than doing real work, and the people at either end of the chain are disconnected from each other. I create structures that eliminate the distance between decision-making and implementation. People working on the same production processes make decisions together. Decision-makers gain power as implementers invest their energy in the success of their decisions and your business.