Know what you're doing

Whether you talk about your work as a customer value proposition, a unique selling proposition, or a minimum viable product, all the great business advisors say the same thing: first, know thyself. Know who your customers are, and what you're doing to serve them. Say it clearly enough that they can recognize you amidst the crowd.

What are you making? Who is it for? How do they know? What's the difference between what you think you're making and what your customers are receiving from you? Are you willing to close the gap?

I work with clients to get clear about their product, and how it creates value for their customers and themselves. We do that first because it's the foundation of all your work and the basis for every decision you make. Next, we simultaneously organize your work and build steering mechanisms that your organization can use to align itself with your purpose and intention for years to come.

As your organization becomes more effective, you will have space to ask big and interesting questions. What are you accomplishing? Does it move you?

If your work moves you, it will move the world. What are you moving it toward?

Would you like a longer lever? A better place to stand?

Let's get started.