Organize your work

Everything you do in your business is aimed toward making something for someone.  Whether it's medical care for patients, education for students, or financial services for people with money, you're producing.

Once we've identified what you're producing, most of the remaining problems in your business result from unclarity about production steps and workflow. The people closest to the work are best able to describe it; I facilitate them in describing the steps of their production process – from marketing and sales through the details of assembly and delivery to receipt of payment and feedback.

By organizing workflow into a clear stepwise process, I make it possible for your team to free up their creative energy to focus on the next big pair of questions: what guidance do we need in doing each step, and what tells us if it was successful? Leadership and measurement allow your organization to guide itself.

With leading and measuring processes defined, team-members are better able to observe each other's strengths and weaknesses in all the areas of their work. This provides them with the insight they need to assign roles effectively. I facilitate that process as well, in a way that cultivates essential skills throughout the team.

I teach the processes I use, so that the people I'm leading today can lead others tomorrow.